Why does Terra ask for a job deposit?
We ask for a small cash deposit upon acceptance of Terra job proposals (typically 10%) in order to cover our costs for setting up your job. If a job is suddenly cancelled, it can result in scheduling problems, liability for any restocking charges that may be incurred, as well as lost time and effort on the part of our staff. In the case of rescheduling a job, however, we can usually accomodate the change without additional cost given enough advance warning.

Is Terra properly insured?
Yes. A substantial component of the price we quote is for insurance coverage. When engaging a company to do work on your property which is not properly insured, you are vulnerable to claims by workers hurt while on your property and risk having other damages which might occur be uncompensated. As a responsible local company, it is extremely important to us that our customers have security and confidence in our service. All Terra workers are covered by Worker's Compensation Insurance as mandated by Ontario law. All company vehicles are covered by comprehensive fleet insurance. In addition, the company carries up-to-date Company Liability Insurance (details available upon request). Of course, we try to keep accidents to a minimum with company safety training and by using experienced and well-trained staff and we are proud of our "zero-claims" status over the past 20 years with regard to Worker's Compensation and Company Liability.

Do I need a building permit?
Generally speaking, you do not need a building permit for most projects. However, in cases where you absolutely must have a permit (typically for large new deck installations), we can prepare the proper plans and obtain a permit on your behalf for a very reasonable fee (usually half the price that might be charged by an architect or engineer).